You can download this new version of the demo which will make you play on the first world of "The cursed Knight". We took into account all your recent experiences with the first version of the demo. Our team is glad to bring you the final demo of “TCK”. This will certainly be the last one. In addition to the first level, we wanna make you test the “how to play ?” section and the beginning of the second level. This level will teach you how to use gravity skills.
Compared to the last demo, The game engine have been improved to avoid camera jolts. To achieve this, we have made an overhaul of the collision main program. We have redesigned the faces of the characters during the dialogue phases. We have animated all items. We have brought some light effects to the first platform stage. In order to avoid slowdowns, we have reduced the shot's max pellet count. We finalized animations and music for the super items. We worked on the difficulty of the half boss and the boss. We made the super explosion for the bosses. For the "how to play" section, we give the choice among three configurations : In each of them, the gravity gameplay changes.
At the start of the game, a screen has been provided to train you. You can then validate or not the chosen configuration. To immerse yourself in the mood of the scenario, we've created a tutorial level to familiarize you with gravity. I let you discover this level. The rain scene is inspired by "History of Trunks" which touched the main part of the team. Lately, we have added a multidirectional scrolling to the game engine. We have finalized around 40% of the game. First, we invite you to like, to share, to leave comments ! All feedbacks you can leave will be useful to improve our work ! Hoping you’ll have as fun on the game as we did creating it. . You can contact us on twitter or on the facebook link here on this page.

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How can I play if I don't have any Genesis everdrive ?

Of course, just use a simple emulator.

To help, we advise you to use Kega Fusion. You can download it here :

>> download Kega Fusion 3.64 (Windows)

Download "The cursed Knight" Demo 2.1

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Download TCK



In 2020, during confinement, Jungrock ( Arnaud Demarais , math teacher) and Guilhem Mercier (Guigui48) made a little inspired satirical video game featuring the professor Raoult (Asteraoult Wars) , game in which it was necessary to erase Covids. Arnaud was able to take control of the software SGDK, and the idea of a more ambitious project came between the two friends. Meanwhile, Ivankaiser , from Gangeekstyle, was working on the project "The cursed cube" (TCC) . This project having been put on a break, Arnaud was able to ask for help and take advantage of the talents graphics by Ivan. Hence the idea of a hybrid game of platforms / shoot'em up made its appearance, and around the universe of TCC will develop a spin-off titled; " The cursed Knight " . Kriss Wyse then joins & agrave; them to bring artistic skills to the project. The project therefore takes root in the summer current. 2020. By the next, Bob, extreme tester and MD addict will bring its support by detecting various bugs and reporting them to the game developers.

First sketches made their appearance, and a first Demo was streamed on the Gangeek Style channel, then a version 1.2 available on this page. Demonstrations have been made offered in various places in France, and the feedback is unanimous: we must continue on this path in order to offer a game that meets the expectations of those nostalgic for the Megadrive. In view of encouragement, the project continues and we invite you to follow the latest evolutions consult this page, or follow us on the tweeter account below. Do not hesitate to site. suggest us ideas, opinions, reviews and share this page!

The game is currently at the end of development, we hope to release it in Spring 2022! Subscribe to the mailing list to keep up to date!


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